If you have browsed through my homepage, you will have noticed that it contains scaringly little magic. Neil Gaiman wrote in his "Books of Magic" that "magic is a method of talking to the universe in words that it cannot ignore." Of course, I do not think anyone knows this method in the literal meaning of the quote. I do emphasize, though, that science is only one tiny fraction of the world we live in. The arts, the humanities, ethics, in short our culture is not following any strict rules comparative to those that "bind the universe to a common reality." There is a humungus number of phenomena that have a great impact on our lives that change over time and have different effects on different people. Today's youth is splintered into sub-cultures consuming identifying music, critics argue harshly over the last premiere and "Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months" (Oscar Wilde). With the advent of mass media so far culminating in the internet, the visual arts have exploded into a plethora of areas starting from layout and design to abstract video art. The design of my homepage is the humble attempt to counterpoint the overwhelming impact science has on our thinking. By contrasting layout and content I try to put science into a different perspective than most scientists of today. I am not trying to mythologize science into some dark gibberish but rather to raise awareness that the science can only tell us about the regularities in the world and should therefore not be absolutized. Science is communication. The internet is the juggernaut of the information age. Trying to use a magic wrapping for a scientific content might just constitute the appropriate representation of a pluralistic, multiply interested and thereby always critical world view.